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Where can I store my files?

The best place to store files you don’t want to lose is under /data. This directory is mounted from your personal server and the contents is not lost on OS update.

If the files are truly important, you may also want to back them up. You could for example schedule a rsync to some other machine.

How can I run a script when the container is started?

NB: This feature was added in v0.1.7.

  1. Create a file called under /data and make it executable. Make sure it has the correct shebang!

    echo '#!/bin/sh' > /data/ && chmod +x /data/

  2. Now go ahead and edit this file, adding your custom commands.

How can I schedule a command to be run automatically?

Lightning Shell doesn’t support cron, but your host OS such as Umbrel does. You can edit the crontab using crontab -e (after you have SSHed into your Umbrel!).

You can then use to execute Lightning Shell commands from Umbrel’s cron. If you want the data returned by these commands to be available in Lightning Shell, you just have to save it under /mnt/data/umbrel/app-data/lightning-shell/data/.

For example, you could do the following:

  1. create a file btc.csv

    echo date,price > /data/btc.csv (in Lightning Shell)

  2. periodically save the bitcoin price to btc.csv by adding the following to your Umbrel’s crontab

     echo `date +"%Y-%m-%d %H:%M"`","`/mnt/data/umbrel/app-data/lightning-shell/data/ btc2fiat` >> /mnt/data/umbrel/app-data/lightning-shell/data/btc.csv
  3. view the file using csview in Lightning Shell

    csview /data/btc.csv

What are /

NB: was added in v0.1.8 and was added in v0.1.10.

These scripts can be used to execute Lightning Shell commands from Umbrel. For example you can run suez from Umbrel using the following:

/mnt/data/umbrel/app-data/lightning-shell/data/ suez

The difference between the two is that passes -it to Docker while does not. The latter is to be used from cron scripts, for example.